Travel Health Clinic

Travel Health Clinic

When travelling for work the business traveler is exposed to risks and diseases that can interfere with the successful completion of the trip. We as a Travel Health Clinic offer travel vaccinations and anti-malarial for the business traveler, expatriate worker and family, as well as the globe-trotter.

Travel Health Clinic provide immunisations and anti-malarial prophylaxis to private individuals and company employees following a bespoke travel risk assessment. Ideally you should consider your travel health as soon as possible (at least 8 weeks in advance) once departure date is known.

We will ask you to complete a simple form giving details of travel and a brief medical history with your written consent prior to the vaccination and before the healthcare professional administers medications as required. Appointment time is around 30 minutes. Travelers “First Aid Kits” are available and it will be recommended that you take one with you when travelling to less developed countries or if you are proposing to undertake fieldwork.

Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccination programs make sense from a business point of view, they are preventive and reduce sickness absence. It is advisable to arrange vaccination early in the flu season that usually runs from October to May.

Flu (influenza) is a highly infections disease caused by the flu virus and it does spread rapidly through small droplets from an infected person.

Assured Occupational Health offers a Flu Vaccination programme to employers for their workforce either on-site or by attending individually in the clinic This is strategy to reduce sickness absence and any subsequent loss of business productivity. People at risk of “flu” are encouraged to be vaccinated each year.

Before vaccination you will be given a risk assessment form to complete that will be checked by a healthcare professional who can discuss any queries with you. The procedure is explained and you are asked for your informed written consent prior to the vaccination. The vaccine is usually administered as an injection into the muscle of the upper arm.

Yellow Fever Centre

Assured Occupational Health is a Yellow Fever Registered Clinic and will provide the International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Card) to travelers and other individuals. According to the CDC.(could the link to the CDC Page be added here Fever is a mosquito-viral disease present in Africa and South America. The infection can range from mild to severe. Vaccination is the best protection against this virus.

Mild symptoms of Yellow Fever include fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal and muscle pains. More severe symptoms include hepatitis and hemorrhagic fever. While Yellow Fever is not present throughout the globe, the vaccination is important because of the virus’s high mortality rate. Some countries like Ghana and Brazil require all or some travelers receive the immunization to enter the country in addition to receiving Yellow Fever vaccine, travelers should be sure to use appropriate mosquito repellents or netting.