Pre-employment Screening

A robust pre-employment screening process helps mitigate the risks associated with a poor hiring decision by giving companies greater confidence in the quality and integrity of their candidates. This is an extremely cost effective and speedy process to determine the health of prospective employees. The Questionnaire for each candidate can be assessed by either our Occupational Health Nurse or one of our Occupational Health Physicians. We will evaluate the individual against the job criteria, and our knowledge of the job and advise accordingly.

Health Surveillance

It’s vital to keep track of your employees’ health throughout their time with you. In many sectors, this is a requirement of the regulations and legislation governing the industry. However, it makes good economic sense to monitor and record your people’s health whatever their work environment.

Operating to the highest standards of clinical excellence, our teams can deliver statutory surveillance tests for exposure to dust, vibration, noise and other hazards. They can also complete baseline medicals at the start of employment, regular checks at agreed intervals throughout the employee’s career and an exit medical. These will help both you and the employee to address any health issues at an early stage.

Health surveillance is important for:

  • Introducing better controls at an early stage to detect ill-health effects
  • providing data to help employers evaluate health risks
  • providing employees with a platform for raising concerns on their workplace health
  • highlighting lapses in workplace control measures, therefore providing invaluable feedback tothe risk assessment
  • Introducing employee training and education

Health surveillance can be used to help identify where more needs to be done to control risks and to empower employers to take action to prevent further harm and protect employees. Assured can offer support at all levels of the Health Surveillance Cycle as outlined below:

  • Design of health surveillance programmes
  • Urine & Blood analysis
  • Audiometry Testing
  • COSHH Medicals
  • Skin & Lung Assessments
  • Sight Screening
  • HAV Medicals
Offshore Medicals


Every offshore worker must undergo and pass an OGUK medical examination which classifies him or her as medically fit to work in the offshore environment. As part of this medical assessment you will be asked to complete an extensive health questionnaire prior to being seen by our competent medical team.

An OGUK Offshore Medical at Assured consists of the following:

  • Completion of Patient Health History Questionnaire
  •  Urinalysis – routine urine test
  • BMI – measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index
  • Near, Distance and Colour Vision
  • Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Lung Function Test (peak flow)
  • Audiogram (hearing test)
  • Consultation with an OGUK doctor

You will be provided with a certificate after the assessment.  The certificate will usually last for 2 years.

ERT Medicals

Members of Emergency Response Teams (ERT) require a level of fitness which is assessed by an initial ERT Medical Examination. The initial ERT Medical is similar to the OGUK Offshore Medical with the addition of an ERT Health Review, Spirometry (lung function test) and a Fitness Test (Chester Step). An annual review including Spirometry (lung function test) and aFitness Test (Chester Step) is required.

Seafarer Medicals

Seafarer Medicals are the main medical fitness certification for those who work at sea. A Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved doctor is required to issue the ENG1 certificate after a full medical has taken place.

Diving Medicals

According to the Diving at Work Regulations of 1997, all professional divers must have a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive, issued by an HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers. The certificate of medical fitness to dive is valid for 12 months.

HSE Medicals

Assured has HSE Appointed Health professionals competent in medical assessments for:

  • Working with Compressed Air
  • Diving at Work
  • Ionizing Radiation Medicals
  • Asbestos Medicals
  • Lead at work Medicals
Aviation Medicals

Aviation medicals to EASA standards are carried out by our CAA certified staff.

At present we offer initial/renewal Class 2 Pilot (PPL) and Cabin Crew medicals.

For those working in the airport/heliport we provide Airside Driver medical examinations and Fire Crew medical examinations.

DVLA Medicals

Assured employs specifically trained occupational health nurses and doctors who can carry out all types of drivers medicals.

Fork Lift Truck Drivers

Assured’s team of occupational health nurses are experienced in performing fork lift truck driver medicals.we are familiar with the guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and have many years of experience performing these medicals along with offering advice to employers and employees. We can come onto the employer’s site to perform these medicals or invite you to our own premises.

HGV or Bus Drivers

Assured can carry out your HGV medical.

These are required to be performed:

  • On first application of your provisional Category C1 (7.5t), C (rigid) or D1 (minibus), D (bus) licence.
  • 5 yearly between ages 45 and 65
  • Annually after the age of 65

Our doctors will complete the DVLA D4 form at the time of the medical assessment.

Crane Drivers and other vocational drivers

Assured can arrange a variety of medicals with bespoke assessments based on the industry and the risks within the particular workplace. We have experience of performing driver medicals in a variety of high risk occupational sectors.

Sickness Absence

Sickness absence can have detrimental effects on the productivity and competitiveness of your business and the health and well-being of your employees. The careful and objective management of individuals with sickness absence is therefore vital for all organisations. We believe that an occupational health service can and must influence sickness absence by providing an effective, efficient and objective service to the individual and the organisation.

Once the barriers that prevent a return to work are identified then an agreed action plan will be implemented to assist in removing or minimising any obstacles that may restrict a smooth return to work.

Our strategies will give you the confidence to manage your employees more decisively. We’ll develop coordinated plans so your staff can return to work as soon as possible. Your dedicated occupational health advisor or physician will also work with you to monitor, assess, follow-up and report on any absenteeism.

Health Promotion

At Assured we truly believe that a healthy workforce is a healthy business and we are extremely aware of the benefits to organisations of implementing an effective health programme. Health & Wellbeing programmes are easily implemented, cost effective and a great way of caring for your employees.

Assured can provide a range of solutions which can deliver bespoke solution or provide a support solution as part of our onsite work with you.  They include:

  • Lifestyle medicals
  • Lunch and Learn seminars
  • Executive Medical
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Awareness training
Substance Abuse

Implementing a comprehensive substance abuse policy is key in assisting the prevention of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace. Assured is committed to ensure that our clients have all the necessary tools to manage all their requirements for drug and alcohol testing.

Our comprehensive internal and external partners are fully trained in:

  • Collection of samples
  • Analysis of results
  • Training
  • MRO

All our drug testing procedures follow a strict Chain of Custody path and all our staff are fully trained and conversant with chain of custody procedures.

We can perform pre-arranged drug and alcohol testing such as pre-employment or random testing.  We can also arrange for ‘for cause’ testing to be performed at short notice.


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